Server - Requirements for ASPECT4 (release 6):

ASPECT4 Server IBM i


  • Power 6
  • Minimum 64 GB RAM - this is dependent on machine, number of users and which type of users.
  • Minimum 4 discs (EG. 140 Gb) - this is dependent again on machine and number of users


  • OS/IBM i mindst v7r3m0
  • OS Java version 1.8(default on v7r3m0)
  • AKS minimum level 5.9.01

In round numbers, calculate with up to 10 % increased load on CPU and RAM relative to previous release 5.

Calculate with an addition of up to 10% extra disk usage when using Insight search for the search indexes, which form the foundation of Insight search.


There will be up to 10 % greater load on PC’s respectively CPU, RAM and disc.

PC’s must meet the minimum specification for ASPECT4 Client.

EG recommends, ASPECT4 Client for Desktop run on Java 64 bit. This applies to both Clients, run locally and on Terminal Server/Citrix.

PC - Requirements for ASPECT4 (release 6)

If you purchase new PCs for ASPECT4, the following must be fulfilled:

Minimum specification:

  • CPU: Intel i5 3rd Generation1
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 20 GB free space on hard disc
  • Dedicated graphic card from ATI or Nvidia with minimum 512MB, alternative an integrated Intel HD40003
  • Netcard
  • Screen size portable minimum 13" 2
  • Screen size desktop minimum 19" 2
  1. It is recommended that the CPU is from Intel, but if it is another manufacturer, the performance minimum must be similar to the Intel i5 3rd Generation. Several machines come with integrated graphics cards, where Intel HD Graphics 4000 is the smallest integrated graphics card EG recommends.
  2. We recommend a screen size of 15” and desktop size 22" with a resolution of minimum 1920 x 1080.

Note that if programs other than ASPECT4 are installed on the PC, the requirements will be increased. PCs can be ordered at EG's webshop:

Common - ASPECT4 users:
The above minimum requirements apply to users who work with traditional applications. This type of user has a maximum of 1-2 open environments / companies simultaneously with a maximum of 3 open applications in each.

Heavy - ASPECT4 users:
Heavy ASPECT4 users make greater demands on the PC. The definition of a heavy ASPECT4 user is that, for example, he / she works in more than 2 open environments / companies (at the same time), has many open applications and / or works with large amounts of data and / or more heavy applications.

A heavy ASPECT4 user must have more powerful components for better performance. See the point below.

Achieve better performance

For the demanding ASPECT4 user, such as working with large amounts of data, many open applications, more open environments and / or multiple concurrent heavy applications, it's possible to improve performance by choosing more powerful components. The following has an impact on the performance of ASPECT4

  • CPU: A more powerful CPU such as i7 provides a significantly faster resolution.
  • RAM: When completing multiple heavy programs at the same time, more RAM will provide more free resources. Remember that over 4GB it should be a 64 bit operating system.
  • Graphics Cards: ASPECT4 will run faster with a powerful graphics card, especially the new ones from Nvidia and ATI. The effect is specifically noticeable with higher screen resolutions.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions? Do you have any questions about Purchasing a new PC is welcome to send an email or ring to EG +45 72 60 22 88

Software Requirements: Minimum screen resolution:
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 bit recommended), Windows 10
  • Java Runtime Environment:
    • Rel. 3: Java 6 eller 7*
    • Rel. 4: Java 7*
    • Rel. 5: Java 8 update 45 or later
    • Rel. 6: Java 8 update 45 or later
  • Windows Update, all critical security updates
  • Latest Graphic Driver
  • Widescreen: 1366 x 768 or higher

* Relating to Java updates refer to the ASPECT4 deployment page.

OS/IBMi - ASPECT4 (release 6):

Jump for example. from OS / IBMi versions 7.1 to 7.3, the remarks that apply to the OS / IBMi skipped will still apply.

ASPECT4 AKS Level: Comments:
  1. Rel. 5.5 or higher
  2. Rel. 4.10 or higher
  3. Earlier releases
  1. No problems
  2. No known problems (October 2016)
  3. Some parts of the system cannot be executed
ASPECT4 AKS Level: Comments:
  1. Rel. 5.5 or higher
  2. Rel. 4.10 or higher
  3. Earlier releases
  1. No problems
    1. Changes in command CRTPF can give problems in QueryManager
    2. Request update 0059622 through your EG consultant
  2. Some parts of the system cannot be executed
ASPECT4 AKS Level: Comments:
  1. Rel. 5.5 or higher
  2. Rel. 4.10 or higher
  3. 2.1.12 and 1.1.10
  1. Cannot be executed, requires minimum 7.2.
  2. No problems
    1. Requires update too WorkFlow.
    2. Updates can be requested. The update number is different and dependent on AKS level
    3. Contact your EG consultant
ASPECT4 AKS Level: Comments:
  1. Earlier releases
  1. Some parts of the system cannot be executed

Citrix / Terminal Server - Requirements for ASPECT4 (Release 6):

The following are minimum requirements for running ASPECT4 Client on Citrix / Terminal Server:

To find the most optimal number of users per. server, you should test at least 1 full-load server over an extended period of time. For ASPECT4 release 5 to release 6, a load increase of RAM and CPU of at least 10%


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later, see
  • Java 8 minimum update 45 64 bit recommended for better performance)


Virtualization should only be granted up to the number of virtual CPUs that the system has. Note, you must not use an overcommitted number. In order to accommodate the higher load on the CPU, one can therefore do one of the following:

  • Cut down on number of users per. server / multiple servers.
  • Assign multiple CPUs per. server. Generally recommended 4 CPUs per. server.
  • Switch to a more powerful type of CPUs.


    ASPECT4 Client: 120Mb
    Data up to: 300Mb

    ASPECT4 Client: 200Mb
    Data up to: 512Mb

DocManager Server - Requirements for ASPECT4 (release 6):

The current requirements may vary depending on system configuration, other installed applications, and whether the system is installed virtual or physical. The hardware should be tested and intended for 24-7 operation. In addition, an updated backup of the DocManager system must always be available.

The requirements below are estimated system requirements for DocManager.

Hardware: (Minimum)

  • Microsoft's minimum requirement to complete the selected server operating system.
  • Hard drive 20 GB free
  • Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter

Hardware: (Recommended)

  • CPU 4 cores, 64 bit 2 GHz
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Hard drive 100 GB free

Software: (Minimum)

  • Windows Server operating system supported by Microsoft.

Software: (Recommended)

  • Latest Windows Server edition.